Monday, November 19, 2007

Belling ( Naming) the Cats

this is now, Sunil Shivshankar...the missing Puliiiiiiii....hehehahwww
****** Muahhhhhh*****

me and my baby .... lol

naughty Boy out with chicks...

this is my baby..think computer, live computer and sleep computer. huh!

all unknown photographers

This is Shekhar. He is there, but missing... seen, yet nowhere to be seen. Shekhar, when the game is over, hope to see you in office!


Unknown photographer.

Mumma is gonna do inspection..
if i fail,i go directly to the bath-tub...
i better be prepared!
How do i look????

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sneak- Peak

Unknown photographer

Sunday, November 11, 2007


unknown photographer

So this is Sheenu! mmm.... she is ofcourse cuter. some great person said, life's best things usually come in small packages( i ofcourse am a difference; for a change the best came in a huge package), and Sheenu proves it true.

Our (Me and Maria's) new home-mate. quite a normal girl, which makes her quite abnormal in the house. When she had first stepped into our house, it was by all means a mess. She cleaned her room, and the drawing ultimately inspired myself and Maria to make our rooms clean & tidy. our house has really become a home now. we have our rooms,kitchen,everything clean and above all that we have a dream come true.. of a pooja-room in our abode. its wonderful to see Jesus Christ smiling peacefully along with Krishnan,Ganapathy,Devi et al.. its amazing how a silent burning lamp can instill so much of peace and calm.

back to Sheenu. Now our usual dose of evening chit chat which starts around 9 after dinner and can strech upto any given time is usually complimented by SHHH...shhhh...Shhh...sHHH.... by our Sheenu ...

Food. She eats to live. (unlike us- Food is very important for me and maria- and it can be seen too ). Maria has company when it comes to salt( another salty organism to play havoc on the salt - control system i was trying to bring about in the house). When it comes to quantity and speed ; Sheenu is far behind.

Sheenu is however smart enough to know that neither Meenakshi nor Maria will tolerate too much of anything and she brilliantly keeps it easy for us. Sheenu is a much needed change, a cleanliness freak, a homely sweet girl.

3 different individuals - with entirely different attitudes, lifestyles, thought-processes, choices, interests, habits, temperaments... bound by no relation yet bound under the same roof; bound by honesty ( to oneself and to the others), bound by those hours of cooking together, bound by those hours of careless nattering; bound by those hours when we sing, dance and laugh, bound by those hours of opening unto each other, bound by those hours of shedding tears over trifle nothingnesses in life......

just hoping and praying that the binding grows only closer....

PS: I hope I have taken no risk, like the one when i wrote the post on "Maria". anyways Sheenu , i place my trust on you; However i will surely make it a point to accompany you during the entire cooking( atleast for the coming few days) {just in case, the idea of poisoning me,occurs to you OR is brought to your mind by my dear Maria}.


Unknown photographer.

The pleasures of a couch,

Are so much sweeter,

As i curl-up on the floor,

With just an inch of a mattress beneath.

Home coming is so much more different;

Its not just the love,

Its not just the food,

Its also the couch that pulls me home!!!