Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Shifting !

Am shifting.. Its like moving into a house I have been dreaming for years.. Yes; but it isn't actually a home shifting that am talking about, but a shift from blogosphere. 6 blogs were gettign a bit too handful to maintain and to read (as reported by trusted sources). So, here is the solution. am moving all my blogs under a single roof; where as desired before by me, you could choose which section you'd want to read or not ( From the Menu) and if you aren't particular, I'd be really happy if you go through all. Its just created today. So, the site-warming (if there exists a term like that) is today.. Like when we move home, we still expect our friends to visit us and be friends.. All my friends here are requested to come and be a part of my new site Banter Battery.

 Can't tell you how glad I am to be a domain owner. So, Meenakshi Nair is the official owner / Boss at .Waiting to meet you all there !!!

P.S : A big big bear hug to Raghu ji for making this suppressed dream a reality. I was so very excited and moved by the kind of initiative and trouble he went through for this, I don't even remember saying as much as a thank you to him. Maybe am not that good at mouthing my emotions verbally. But really, from the bottom of my heart; Thanks a ton!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

My First Love

The photos of my first love. Prithvi  Nair (Manu at home)

Manu, my nephew on his first day in the world.(now he is 3 years old)
But everytime I see this pic, it touches me beyond any other, cos when the bundle of joy was born, the nurse walked in and I was the first one to hold in my arms.a small bundle with an almost red sleeping face, but the way it filled my heart; I can never put in words. Loved him ever since that day: June 16th 2006.

On his 3rd day, he is all thoughts.. my wonder boy..

My darling at 1 year old.

Manu nibbling on his favorite snack ; "Murukku"

my prince

my Manu on his 2nd Christmas on his fave bike.

loves to climb trees.

walks around the home in his dad's shoes : Manu in boots.

Crazy about cars, especially his Dad's car (he says its his and he LETS his dad use it : So very generous)

Manu with his mom( my sister, who has been herself a lot of things for me, though much elder to me, she is the closest to me). Manu loves crackers; though his mom still is scared of them.

He started going to a Montessori School since June 2009 ; and that makes everyday exciting for my parents(his grandparents) and me. I literally spend a large chunk on my phone calls to this little angel (the cutest devil when he wants to be) just to hear him talking on and on in 4 different languages and his rhymes & songs.

Looks all serious, but he is as naughty as I want him to be, but never out of hands. He is growing up at a pace, I find dazzling. This little love of mine loves music, cars, his laptop(gifted on his demand when he started school - who else can I spoil? ) and mobiles. He has grown out of toy mobiles and is trying every perceivable way to get his Mom or Dad or me to get him a real one (he says he needs it to call us immediately if someone bullies him at school - dear smart ass.)

 This is how he sleeps.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Proud !

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Now that is my eye, drawn by a colleague at office. Howzzat??? It was a surprise gift.

The artist while at work.

PS: The artist is Mr. Shajeer S. working in the same organization with me. A professional genius in art.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm with them.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Watching a movie?

My internet connection is acting weird; gets connected only when it wants. and its eating my brains just like this kid is attempting at.

Pict source: Google

Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Outlet !

Pic Courtesy : a site called lolcatz found on google