Friday, November 27, 2009

My First Love

The photos of my first love. Prithvi  Nair (Manu at home)

Manu, my nephew on his first day in the world.(now he is 3 years old)
But everytime I see this pic, it touches me beyond any other, cos when the bundle of joy was born, the nurse walked in and I was the first one to hold in my arms.a small bundle with an almost red sleeping face, but the way it filled my heart; I can never put in words. Loved him ever since that day: June 16th 2006.

On his 3rd day, he is all thoughts.. my wonder boy..

My darling at 1 year old.

Manu nibbling on his favorite snack ; "Murukku"

my prince

my Manu on his 2nd Christmas on his fave bike.

loves to climb trees.

walks around the home in his dad's shoes : Manu in boots.

Crazy about cars, especially his Dad's car (he says its his and he LETS his dad use it : So very generous)

Manu with his mom( my sister, who has been herself a lot of things for me, though much elder to me, she is the closest to me). Manu loves crackers; though his mom still is scared of them.

He started going to a Montessori School since June 2009 ; and that makes everyday exciting for my parents(his grandparents) and me. I literally spend a large chunk on my phone calls to this little angel (the cutest devil when he wants to be) just to hear him talking on and on in 4 different languages and his rhymes & songs.

Looks all serious, but he is as naughty as I want him to be, but never out of hands. He is growing up at a pace, I find dazzling. This little love of mine loves music, cars, his laptop(gifted on his demand when he started school - who else can I spoil? ) and mobiles. He has grown out of toy mobiles and is trying every perceivable way to get his Mom or Dad or me to get him a real one (he says he needs it to call us immediately if someone bullies him at school - dear smart ass.)

 This is how he sleeps.


blunt edges said...

cute :)

Alice in Wonderland said...

He is so gorgeous! I'm going to have to look out some photos of my niece!
She will be 4 in March, and is such a little cutie! 8-)

Meenakshi said...

@Blunt : thanks :) he seems to have got the cuteness inherited from me.. lol

@Alice : thanks a lot dear.. yes, do find them out.. those pics are worth a million bucks..
Oh thats the next thing I wish for, a niece: someone who would pester me for nail polishes and dolls or just b a tom boy like me and come up to me for support..
Do, share your niece's pics once you find them..

Anoop said...

cute boy... :D

last one is my favorite...khe khe khe... the way he sleeps... ;)

quirkfit said...

Couldn't help going Awwwwwwwwwwww....
N love the last one :)