Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Photographer : Mr. Arun Syamalan

This is a post I had to put up here, in full dedication to my home-mate.


so this is the great maria i live with..not exactly the great creature on the photo...but a similar looking girl... ( ;P )

This is the highest risk post i have ever posted in my entire blogger-life. Why??.. Because Maria has taken over most of the ccoking at home (giving me the menial sweeping & mopping,washing utensils...and ofcourse cooking also) and she is insanely capable of doing anything...when i say anything it is in no way an exaggeration .

living with her is an experience in itself.... She screams and howls at the theatre, laughs hysterically for hours on the silliest of jokes i have ever heard, dumps ketchup/water on friends in the bussiest of restaurants, drives at 120 kmph, fights and yells as if she will never ever forgive and churns out a kiss the very next moment, messages **** *** in the middle of the night from the next room(luckily), wakes me up from deep sleep so that i can make coffee for her while she gets ready to go to her office which starts one hour after my office starts...... i know i have censored and left out a lot....but am a human and am scared.

Maria, i have been bearing the curry you make with triple the dose of salt than i can bear (keep this in your mind before u decide to poison me).

Now i just couldn't stop myself from posting this. Maria is in love with her "i-pod" which she aquired recently on her highly celebrated 20th birthday. the i-pod is not her attachment,she has become the attachment of it...

Crazy dancing (in the kitchen,drawing room,bedroom), hysterical laughs and screams(while watching movies on it) is all i see nowadays...

This is a reminder that i will actually appreciate the wonderful electronic gadget you own, much more if you would (atleast at night) hug it ;listen to sweet music (Just listen-no dance,no chorus,nothing) and drift into slumber-land....

In short, I would love to retain my auditory capabilities, which i suspect is already taking a downhill journey.

Bottomline : Please have mercy on me :^( !!!!


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Beautiful Maria,
i love the post

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