Thursday, October 18, 2007

Temptation !

unknown photographer (might get an answer if I ask Shruthi; but instinctively I refrain)
What is that entices a woman towards an already possessed man?He might be your best friend’s man or your childhood male buddy whom you never found so desirable before! Or your married professor, or just a newly married neighbor!

You know some guy, over a period you become good friends, chat for long nights, and become close. You share all these conversations in minutest detail with your friends; to an extent you express your strong liking of him. You describe as if you just found your dream man, the one who shares the same passion like you, who is confident, and smart and an expert in his work, above all he is much elder to you! As they say old men are wiser and hence more desirable ;)

So, you go on and on, about this new person you have met, and you describe him as if he is the most sought after guy!You describe your rosy world to your best friends. And they are enchanted, they feel glad and happy for you, they too express their desire to meet him, to judge if he is good enough for you. You are happy that they are taking a keen interest in your love life, so you gladly oblige. You nudge your man to fix up a date! You are not the least bit insecure of your good looking friends. You trust your man completely.

So here you walk in with your guy.All your friends greet him with their sweet smile! Suddenly you see a different side of your friend’s, they are looking more feminine today, and extra sweet! They start leashing out their most destructive weapon, their smile! They pull your leg, pass smart comments, and they try to test your guy! A guy already taken is the biggest temptation! So do women species unknowingly judge their sexiness by trying to allure him! It’s a tough competition now, because he is already faithful to someone else, so you need that extra ounce of something (I can’t describe in words) in you so that he may take notice of you! And if he gives in, it’s the women’s victory! It’s not that she desires him, it’s just a simple way of self-confirmation to know if she can still play her cards well! It’s a harmless way of judging herself.It irritates you to no end to hear him say that he liked your friend with that long lustrous hair, or the one who wore a plunging neck line or the one who wore a dark red lipstick or the one with a very sweet smile! You feel like smacking him, for not noticing your new hair cut and the new black dress you wore to impress him! You burn with anger when you come across his scraps in your best friend’s book! You keep track of all the crap…oops! I mean scraps! You flatly refuse when he suggests that the whole gang should go out for Dhoom2! You insist him on holding your hand when you walk together, to gently kiss you when your friends are around, to dance just with you! And you laugh louder, dress more seductively just for him! You keep trying hard to get back his attention on you!Is it inborn in a woman to lure their men by their beauty and to crush every other lioness who enters her territory?So is this a womans’s psychology!

Even the most successful woman aspires for the male attention, for that second glance as she walks by! Yes it does great good to her self-esteem! It makes her feel desired!But here I would like to conclude with my opinion:If your man can’t limit his wants which go beyond his gizmo stuffs and motorbikes…to put in simple words, if he makes a pass at your best friend, then spank him before you dump him, for its not your friends fault…but his for being so greedy and unfaithful! If he is completely loyal to you, then hurray you are one of the luckiest ones on planet earth![I don’t know whether I am mature enough to write this piece. These are the small things that I happened to notice around me, so I thought I might as well write something about it.]

courtesy : [ Post by Shruthi Sharma ]

My Comments [ I couldn't hold it ;) ]

I had to put it here..though i completely disagree to believe this as the whole has a few lines that rings true....

and about woman's psychology, Shruthi are far far far away.....

long way to go dearie...

anyways interesting read..!

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ShEkHaR said...

Shruthi,. It is Just a phase,..

By the way Nice Photo (senti..:))