Friday, January 4, 2008

Krishna 2

same painter as the one in Krishna Leela

Krishna looks awesome in this painting... Radha too so brilliantly brought out. beautiful work of art.


ShEkHaR said...

I think she is Meera,
not Radha ,
Radha is allways close with Krishna,( Physically)
but the girl in the picture, is visualizing, Krishna
she has got Flowers ,

Remember the girl in the boat, Plucking the Lotus Flower


Meenakshi said...

mm.. yes, shekhar u r right...

must be Meera...

no wonder i liked the pic...

na ma said...

well here's what I think, no actually this picture is Radhe Krsna.
The root of the name Radha come from the verb 'to worship' in sanskrit language. this picture is a copy of a classic antique bengali painting depicting Radhe worshiping Krishna.

peace, Hare krsna.