Friday, January 4, 2008

Krishna Leela ( Krishna 1)

unknown painter

will update more details as soon as i get it(am trying to find it)

In this New Year am gonna start posting the Krishna Series.

This is a romantic one. But despite of the bountiful beauty and enigmatic, my female instinct takes over... apart from the Krishna & Radha, why are all those girls crowding the boat...

mmm... i wonder how Radha managed to supress her female instinctual behaviour.

Happy New Year !!!

(shekhar, thanks for the pictures)


ShEkHaR said...

Nice Idea Meenakshi,.
we'll discuss each Image

about this one

Krishna is our Romantic God,
everyone loves him Radha or Meera,

He is like RockStar, surrounded by groupies, (or Gopis),.

see these girls are not jelous with each other, everyone is busy with their activity,.

Morning time boat ride,
I love the Girl,who is plucking Lotus


Meenakshi said...

Yea i agree Shekhar..

I dont mind everyone loving Krishna ( that still happens to soo many film stars, famous/talented/rockstars/etc etc.. )

But what irks me is Krishna's love for every girl.

All the girls who love him, love him and only him..

While Krishna is a casinova...


Does love, loyalty, Devotion and Dedication limited only to the females. Are guys not bound by it?