Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Now that is my eye, drawn by a colleague at office. Howzzat??? It was a surprise gift.

The artist while at work.

PS: The artist is Mr. Shajeer S. working in the same organization with me. A professional genius in art.


ஷ‌ஃபிக்ஸ்/Suffix said...

Do u really want me to believe its an art? Really? Really!!....Excellent!!!

Alice in Wonderland said...

WOW! That is really good! It looks like you have an admirer there!

Anonymous said...

OMG, somebody DREW that!? That's AMAZING, and BEAUTIFUL!

Anoop said...

Tats really beautiful piece of drawing... :D

Anoop said...

is tat ur eye?????? :D

Anoop said...

thank u so much meenakshii.. :)
wil definitely mail u... :)


hey how many blogs u hav????? :O